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    Japanese/JLPT Study Resources

    Around this time last year, I did a thread on Twitter aggregating sources for studying Japanese, especially those that would help people studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I’ve been thinking for awhile that it might be helpful if I shared those resources here, as well as adding some new ones. This would normally be the time of year when those planning to sit the December exam would be finishing up their registration or entering the final phase of study, but with everything going on right now, the JLPT has been cancelled in certain areas. That being said, this is still a good opportunity to continue your study. More…

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    Gifted, a new webnovel series!

    (Can I just be honest and say I go back and forth on “webnovel” vs “web novel/web-novel”? I feel like the latter is probably more proper, but I like the former more.) With the semantics out of the way… I wanted to make a post here and share that I’ve launched a webnovel series over on my other content site, Mahou Josei. Gifted is a fantasy webnovel series about a blind magic user who is attempting to defy her fate, along with the people pulled into her quest, for better or for worse! Start the series here! If you’re a fantasy fan, I hope you enjoy this series. I’ve been…

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    Let’s Play

    We’ve been watching since the beginning. We were there when the only other viewers were your friends. When your reactions were raw and unpolished, but still robust and flavorful. We watched your numbers grow and in turn, more of us tuned in. Watching as your reactions became greater, grander, even more delicious, spurred on by the ever-expanding audience. The fear you emitted with each jump bridging the distance between us and surpassing the barrier of that synthetic screen. We could hardly believe it. In centuries past, we had to travel or wait, sometimes years, to feast like this. But here it is, laid out before us from lands far away,…

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